So Many Video Games – So Little Time!

I have a passion for video games. I always have.

From when I was eleven and was given a Spectrum 48K by my parents for Christmas, I was never off the thing. This is where I also cut my teeth on programming, going through all of them in the book and even enjoying it, to creating my own, albeit rudimentary, little programs. I created a diary/journal program, where the password was a code made from the date of the file. Only if you knew the password could you find the diary entry and load it from the tape.

It only just occurs to me now, in the spring years of my forties, that the diary password program in itself was redundant, because my parents barely knew how to turn on the computer, let alone load anything from tape

But games I played on that old speccy mostly. Bomb Jack constantly, I loved that game so damn much and the amount of hours I sunk into it I don’t dare to think about. Trapdoor, man what a trip that was and who else would stick Boni down the Trapdoor just because they could? Not to mention what may seem a bit strange at the time, my Dad teaching impressionable eleven year old me how to play poker from hours of Animated Strip Poker play.

Those were the days. But a year later, my video-gaming life was changed forever.

A friend had a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas. In January when I went around to play and I saw it for the first time, my mind was blown. I knew even then that I’d be playing this thing until I was old and grey, and that for me, it would be Nintendo all the way.

Any opportunity I could get to go around to play with that friend I would jump at the chance for. Good job they were a pretty good friend! The first game I played on the NES was Super Mario Bros, and whenever I was over at their house we played it to death. I got my first experience with a whole bunch of NES titles with that friend (they were crazy lucky) and for introducing me to Nintendo and having me over to play, I am eternally grateful.

I was fourteen before I had my own NES. I had three games only, Super Mario 3 and Tetris purchased by my Dad at the same time as the console, and Kirby’s Adventure purchased by me for a steal three years later.

Now, fast-forward a number of years, I have 13 consoles, 4 hand-held consoles, and approximately 300 physical carts and disks, nearly 700 when counting downloads and multicarts. It seems I can’t help myself, but my husband also fuels my addiction by adding consoles and games to my collection for Christmas and birthday presents. Yes, if in doubt, we’ll blame the husband.

Yet here I am in a quandary. With so many great games in my collection, there are many that I haven’t yet played. Not to mention all the games that I don’t yet have that are iconic and must-plays, tempting me in all their 8-bit and 16-bit goodness. Should I even say that I have completed just three games in my lifetime? Or that I have all nineteen Legend Of Zelda games and I haven’t yet completed a single one?

It’s definitely long overdue to play some of these games. I can’t promise that they’ll get completed, I can’t promise I’ll play them all, but I need to play and document some of the very best games at least. So here we go!