Random Roll #137: 2True Glossywear “Shade 50” – Review.

AND SO IT BEGINS. The first Random Roll, the only way I will be able to try out all my polishes fairly and not stick to the same colours. Let’s get started!

Purples and Teals are my favourites, but this one (it is more mauve than purple or lilac) is just a bit too much on the pink side for my liking. Usually, I would pass this one by. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful colour, but when you have so many gorgeous colours, some have to go to the bottom of the list. This is a shimmer polish, but not just with the usual added silver. What makes this polish attractive is that the shimmer is a gorgeous fuchsia and green.

I’ve had this one for some time and never actually tried it. I bought a bunch of the 2True range on clearance, and each bottle was a cost price of between 30p to 80p. In other words, it’s a cheap polish, but what we expect to happen with a cheap polish (for it to be terrible) isn’t always true.

Naughty alert: I didn’t use a base coat. When a polish is so light and sheer, the risk of staining I find is minimal. I was also pushed for time doing this manicure, and if I’m to be honest, I wasn’t all that enthused when this came out as my very first on the random number generator. But look at that shimmer on the brush.

Immediately on opening the bottle, I noticed the brush is quite small. I have trouble keeping my cuticle line neat and brushes like this tend to be nothing but awkward for me. A lot of clean-up ends up having to be done to get a neat line. From the start I was expecting this to be a difficult polish to apply, but colour me pleasantly surprised – it went down like a dream. The brush held just the right amount of polish required to get a good, even coverage. The control of the brush was excellent and I didn’t have to do a single bit of clean-up afterwards. Why can’t all my manicures be this neat?!

The first coat here is incredibly sheer. Nice to know if I want to do something that’s nude or barely there. Glossywear recommends two coats for maximum opacity. I found it was not as opaque as it could be, and I ended up doing three. Polish consistency is good otherwise and it was super easy to control. I tried my best to catch the fuchsia and green shimmer on camera but I was disappointed I couldn’t quite get it. It can be just about seen on a couple of images, if you look closely and squint!

All-in-all, this mani was done in no time, and finished off with a coat of my favourite quick-dry top coat. And doesn’t it look great?! The finish, consistency and longevity of this colour is amazing. Forty-eight hours later I can already tell this mani is going nowhere. I’m pretty hard on my fingers and it’s not unusual for a mani to start to wear or chip by now. This polish has no wear whatsoever, it ain’t budging!

In summary: Proof that cheap doesn’t mean ‘cheap’, the quality of this polish is excellent. I was blown away with how easy this was to apply and how neat the finished result looks. I haven’t yet used any others in the range and if they are as good as this, I’m excited to try them. My only gripe is with the colour; it’s just not quite to my taste and personally, I find it looks a little plain and boring. On the flip-side to that, it seems to be an ideal polish to team with another colour or to stamp over.