Puppy Polish and the Random Roll

I HAVE A LOT OF NAIL POLISH. Not as many as some, but by ‘normal standards’ (whatever that is), it’s a lot. To date I have 385 bottles of polish, and by the time you read this, probably a lot more.

I’m never going to get through all of it. At a guess and at the time of writing, 80% of my collection I have never worn at all. So let’s see if I can change that.

Puppy Polish comes from my Instagram of the same name, but originally that started as PuppyCrafty. I created the Instagram to incorporate some of my favourite things: our puppy, my nail polishes, anything I happened to be crafting or making at the time… Back then I only had 120 polishes and challenged myself to use them all. That did not go to plan. So instead, a new plan. And that’s where the Random Roll comes in.

So what is the Random Roll?

I run a random number generator (specifically, Google’s own) and whatever number comes out, I count it out from the My Rack list on the Nail Polish Rack App (here for iOS). Easy or what? I’m pretty excited to see which polish gets drawn each time. If I roll a polish that I’ve already posted about, I’ll roll again.

To keep things straight and tidy, I have a Master List here of what gets picked and when. Along the way there will be nail art, nail fails, reviews, favourites, tutorials, all that fun kind of stuff. So why not jump right in and see how far I’ve come?